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Audiology Health Care and Digital Hearing Aids


Your hearing aids are fully digital hearing aids. They are hooked up to a computer and programmed specifically for you. The program will often consist of more than 24 independent and interactive prescription settings across the wide ranges of pitches and loudness levels for speech, to specifically fit your hearing loss.


The prescriptions are not like prescriptions for glasses. Glasses correct vision, but hearing aids can only aid your hearing because your organ of hearing and hearing nerve are damaged. Therefore, the initial prescription may need to be adjusted to “fine-tune” the hearing aid sound quality that is right for you. Some people require several adjustments or “fine-tuning”, especially as you adjust to hearing with hearing aids and learn what sound qualities you like.


Digital hearing aids are very sensitive and even very small changes or adjustments of your prescription can make dramatic differences in sound quality. Since you have made the financial investment and life commitment to improve your hearing – make sure you continue to have your hearing aids readjusted or “fine-tuned” as you adjust with your hearing aids and develop sound quality preferences.


In addition to your hearing preferences changing your actual hearing may also change, and your hearing aids can continuously be reprogrammed to specifically fit your hearing loss as it changes.


It is important to:

See an Audiologist 1 Time Each Year

  • Test your hearing and track changes
  • Reprogram and adjust your hearing aids specifically for the change in your hearing
  • Reprogram and adjust your hearing aids specifically for your changes in sound quality and listening preference

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