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Only a qualified hearing care professional like an audiologist or doctor of audiology can tell whether there is a hearing loss and recommend the best course of action. Audiologists are trained to identify, treat and prevent hearing loss. They hold masters or doctoral degrees from accredited universities and work in a variety of settings, including: clinics, hospitals, schools, speech and hearing centers as well as private practices. Many are even involved in research.


Our audiologists at Hearing Resource Center of San Mateo provide both clinical and counseling expertise. During the hearing evaluation, we will conduct a number of tests to determine whether you have a hearing loss and whether it can be addressed with hearing instruments or medical treatment. Only 5% of hearing loss in adults can be improved by medication or surgery. Hearing instruments can help most people with hearing loss.


Itís very easy to schedule a visit at Hearing Resource Center of San Mateo. During your appointment, the audiologist will conduct a hearing examination and let you know your results.

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